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Finnish startup ASMO has Marc Dillon, co-founder of Jolla as its new CEO. ASMO is a startup that manufactures mobile chargers that automatically switches off after the device is completely charged. Thus, the Asmo chargers help in saving electricity keeping the device safe. Asmo was a crowd-funded startup that raised 90,000 dollars funds.

How Does ASMO Make A Difference?

People often forget to switch off the charger after the device is completely charged. This leads to a huge wastage of electricity and is also damaging to the device. Leaving the charger on for a long time can even lead to fire hazards. Asmo makes a difference by overcoming this problem. It saves energy and is also hazard-proof. The company was founded by engineer and start-up entrepreneur AsmoSaloranta in 2013 as part of a personal need for such chargers. Saloranta’sfiancée’s childhood was burned due to a fire accident caused by the mobile charger. This incident inspired him to come up with a sophisticated charger with a brain. The smart charger knows when to switch off and will help you reduce your electricity bills.

Ever since Dillon left Jolla, he has been working on crowd funding campaigns like Unseen Art Project. This startup evolved with the idea of giving the people with vision problems access to visual art by using 3D. However, the crowd funding failed to raise the target funds. Dillon left Jolla for similar reasons when the company could not raise the expected funds.

How ASMO was born?

ASMO is designed with an idea to keep charging safe and reliable. ASMO founder Asmo Saloranta has gone through a tragic incident where his childhood home was destroyed by fire. Just because a phone charger was left connected to the electrical socket. A common scene around our houses, where chargers are forever connected to the power socket. Defective can cause give rise to serious damages due to electricity. Keeping thing is mind, the founder versioned requirement of a smart charger that can turn off power when not needed. ASMO Smart Charger has an auto-on feature with a push button.

Why is ASMO unique?

ASMO charger is compatible with all type of devices that comes with Micro USB port. It requires devices compatible with USB On The Go. Developer has kept a provision ready for those devices that lack the features. They can still use the charger just by hitting the push button before they begin to charge their phone. Kind of smart charger, ASMO eliminates the problem of disconnecting the phone. Users don’t require to worry about overcharging here. It turns off charging once the battery is full. It is designed to keep charging safe and sound. Overcharging cause hardware issue with the devices in the long run.

Asmo Charger – The most sophisticated mobile charger ever built from Kuulu on Vimeo.

The videos above emphasize some primary features of ASMO charger. Like a long cable, a durable design and auto-on feature. It hardly has any competition in the market. The reason lies with the features introduces is unique. We have power banks, wireless chargers in the series that won’t  compete for ASMO features. ASMO has overall raised $92,668 through Indiegogo. It cost $55 with Lastu Cover and $35 just for the charger.  There are other editions also with different features.



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