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AppAlert, School Bus tracking startup raises $900K


AppAlert is a real time school gps based school bus alert app for parents to know whether the kid is riding or reached school.

AppAlert is school bus alert startup that has recently raised around $900,000. It is a real-time school bus tracker service that alerts parents about school bus arrival and when kids left the bus at school. It alerts both school and parents. Instead of standing out and waiting for the buss, the app will notify the when the buss will reach so that parents and care givers won’t have to rush.

Once the school bus reach for pickup, parents will be notified. This saves time, also avoid standing out for longer time. The service aim to smooth student’s pickup and drop service. Many times when school bus is late parents call school authority. Similarly if they are not aware about the bus availability they have to wait outside in weather for the school bus to arrive. AppAlert can let them to move when it is required. It will also help care givers.

Parents get worried if the school bus does not drop the kid to school in due. And there are many reasons. There is no direct way that can tell parents where is the bus is halted. It worries them and then they keep calling school authority for information. AppAlert removes this confusion and let parents to track the bus. AppAlert is a gps based a real time bus tracking system. With route information AppAlert also inform about children’s who are in the bus and who already left.

A notification is sent to the parents once the kid leaves the bus and reaches school. The current AppAlert model is subscription based only for the parents. Schools don’t have to pay anything. The app works with the help of bus drivers. The bus driver tap on the kid’s details when he/she enters the bus and tap again when the kid lefts the bus. A notification is sent on the parent’s smartphone.


  • AppAlert raised around $900K, will utilize it enhancing the service of its core features.
  • AppAlert tracks kids in real-time mode through gps and information updated by the driver each time a kid board or deboard.
  • AppAlert is planning to expand its market in other region like Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.



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