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Anand Chandrasekaran Is Ready to Invest In These Startups

Carrying On With His Entrepreneurial Plans

Anand Chandrasekaran is in news again. After recently quitting his job as the CPO of Snapdeal, he is ready to invest in a couple of startups. Till now he has shown interest in six startups, namely, Truce, MagicX, Lucideus, LoanCircle, Lernr and Rupeek. Going by the past pattern of his investments, it seems he will be putting in somewhere around $25,000 in each of these startups. But this is just a speculation.

Quitting Snapdeal


While quitting Snapdeal, Anand had said that he wanted to get into the entrepreneurial zone and do things at a more micro-level.


Chandrasekaran’s Journey Up Until Now

Anand belongs to the Silicon Valley’s silver cadre. His first big venture was Aeroprise which was one of the earliest personalized mobile app software which turned into a successful venture and was taken over by BMC Software in 2011. He was then attached with Yahoo as their Senior Director, Search Products. After coming to India, his first stint was with Airtel where he served as their CPO. At Snapdeal, he held the same position. However, he quit after a year with an aim to build an investment portfolio by investing in young startups.

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  • Anand Chandrasekaran is ready to invest in six startups, namely, Truce, MagicX, Lucideus, LoanCircle, Lernr and Rupeek.
  • Market is speculating that he will be putting in somewhere around $25,000 into each startup.
  • He is the ex-CPO of Snapdeal and a Silicon Valley executive.

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