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An Indian Startup Will Be The First Private Entity To Land OnMoon

Go Team Indus !

What did Rahul and his team achieve?

Back in 2010, Rahul Narayan didn’t have any clue about space or space craft; he was in software industry and leading a startup which helped to develop products for an e-commerce company. Nobody would have guessed that after seven years, he would have an opportunity to send a rover to the moon. Narayan and his friends were fascinated when they heard about Google Lunar X-Prize IN 2010. Lunar X-Prize competition was about winning to land a rover on the moon, make it travel for 500 meters and beam high resolution photos and videos back to Earth for which they invited many private companies to participate.

What is their story?

The team was looking if any Indian team was participating so that they could help with building software or helping them with marketing as it was project of lifetime. Unfortunately none of Indian team was found on the list hence they decided participate by themselves in the competition. They had to study everything from basics and Wikipedia to build a spacecraft. Team Indus, the team name was one of the last team to participate for the competition.

What to expect from Team Indus in future?

Past this Thursday, Team Indus proclaimed that it had become first private entity that has secured a dedicated rocket from the government-funded Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It will soon launch its home-manufactured spacecraft with ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PLSV) during December 2017.

Lunar X-Prize is just a start of private industry exploring space in Indian startup ecosystem. Narayan believes whether his team will win or not the competition, there will be definitely one outcome that is any group of five people can start and build something that can land on the moon. If that is possible, then we can pretty much achieve anything.

Do share your thoughts about what do you think about Team Indus and their exploration journey in our comment section below.

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