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Amazon Pay by Selfie will change the way to pay bills


Amazon soon to patent Pay by Selfie payment module. Now Amazon consumer’s can play by a blink.

Amazon is going to bring a new way of making payment. This process is yet under development and soon Amazon is going to patent this technology. Not named yet, Pay by Selfie will let customer to pay just by clicking an image through their smartphone. Switching from traditional password based payment method to selfie. A rather easier, but highly secure process.

Compare to the traditional method of making payments where a user a password or pin, Selfie will be less time consuming. With a picture a customer can authenticate and make payments. Amazon is going use its facial recognition system for the same. In-order to make the selfie payment method more accurate at some point a customer would have to adjust the face or blink that would be a part of authentication. The feature would be integrated in the app in future.

Where selfie payment method will help buyers to pay securely. Facial recognition software is still available today, but none of them are used to authenticate payment. iPhone rather has integrated the fingerprint sensor and the same can be used for making payment as well. This technology by Apple is called as Touch ID. Facial Recognition would be a successful ode of payment in future due to Smartphone availability in hands of everyone. However front camera quality will surely matter. With the facial recognition system, there would be other payment modes also available. In case one is not working, customers do have another method to use.


  • Pay by selfie will let customer to pay through a simple blink.
  • Alternate payment method other than password and more secure.

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