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Alternatives to Paid Advertising: 4 Affordable Ways to Promote Your Business

  Marketing is a great way to raise awareness about your company. Instead of waiting for business to grow on its own, you are allowed to go on the offensive. But not all advertising opportunities are created the same, as described by businesstrex. Before you dump all of your money into a huge marketing campaign, look into these lesser cost alternatives.

1. Social Media

It starts with Facebook, but it doesn’t end with it. Facebook has incorporated a lot of free tools for savvy businesses to market their services. If you stopped there, then you wouldn’t get the full experience.

Tie your social media platforms together by using easy to manage tools. You can automatically have Facebook post to your twitter every time your company page updates. You can also create an automatic Instagram ‘story’ based on collected images from your company page.

By using Facebook as the base, you can reach consumers in many other platforms without overextending your marketing budget. By keeping your advertising on a single platform, you’re missing out on millions of potential consumers.

2. Online Feedback

If your services are given a bad review on other websites, then your brand image becomes vulnerable. The only thing worse than a vulnerable company is a business that stays silent when someone criticizes them.

This is problematic since many companies don’t even realize they’re being given negative feedback on other websites. It’s up to you to keep a running tally of websites that review your business so that you can provide appropriate feedback. A rebuttal isn’t necessary – simply apologizing and offering to reach out to the affected party puts you in a better light.

Good customer service is a type of advertising that goes unappreciated in several industries. Consumers notice it, and you should too.

3. Questionnaires

Sending out questionnaires works similarly to the online feedback method. The big difference here is that you’re nullifying public negative feedback while showing that your company cares. By centralizing any and all negative feedback about your company, you avoid having to play whack a mole online with random feedback.

In return, you get valuable insight into the mind of a consumer and what they want. If you use ideas from that feedback in the future, that can be the leading branding of a future advertising campaign. Nothing says value like a company that listens to its consumers and implements those changes.

4. Blogs

Blogs make your company look active. This is a double-edged sword for marketing, but can work out favorably if you source the right content. You’ll rank higher in search engine results, but that also means you’ll need to stay on top of SEO and keyword content. Blogs require a lot of upkeep if you plan on capitalizing on their advertising power. This same content can be spun on your social media accounts to further solidify your image across platforms.

Wrap Up

Marketing is easy when you know your target base. Find ways to connect with your consumers, and they will always find a way to spend money. Your messaging matters, and low-cost marketing is a safe bet.

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