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A Guide to Getting Blockchain Jobs in 2022

Despite blockchain technology being an emerging niche, the demand for skills in the sector is high. The growing need for blockchain experts is backed by the fact that the technology impacts almost all sectors, including finance, retail, supply chain, and food production. Under this new sphere, the number of skilled personnel is limited, and most organizations are working towards attracting the top talent in the market for various roles. The demand is highlighted by a 2021 Linkedin report that indicated that blockchain-related jobs spiked 395% in the United States alone.

Landing a high-paying blockchain job is not an easy task. However, you will get an opportunity seamlessly with the right skills and attitude. Overall, available blockchain jobs go beyond your typical mid-level and senior level IT positions. With the right preparation, you can land your desired job. Below are ways to get ready for a blockchain-related job:

Understand the Basics

Learning the fundamentals of blockchain technology is a must to land even an entry-level position. You need to understand the technology’s history, use cases and how it operates before moving to the next stage. Worth mentioning is that due to the infancy stage of the technology, not many learning institutions have incorporated it into their curriculum. Therefore, you can leverage online open-source learning platforms to understand the ins and out of the technology.

Learn How Different Blockchains Work

As more cryptocurrency solutions continue to emerge, they are also introducing their blockchains to support the underlying utility. Without understanding the mechanism behind every blockchain platform, you can’t possibly deploy them in your line of work. For instance, if you are working in marketing or law enforcement, you can’t offer value if you don’t know what you are dealing with.

Back Up With Programming Language

Mastering several programming languages can be an advantage, especially if you are going for positions like blockchain engineers. You need to understand that blockchain is a complex technology, and you need to master various algorithms associated with different programming languages. Remember to keep practicing to boost your knowledge base.

Focus On a Specialized Area

To increase your chances of getting employed, choose and focus on one area to specialize in. This will help you narrow down the skills you’ll need to develop to proceed with a career in blockchain. Boost Your Communication Skills Once you have equipped yourself, you need to understand how to communicate your value. It will be worthless to be in a position where you can’t share what you offer. Understand how to relay your information to colleagues and team members. Additionally, this skill will help you ace the interview sessions.

Become a Certified Blockchain Expert

As mentioned, the number of institutions offering blockchain certification remains low. Therefore, to work in the field, get certification from a reputed source, mostly from regulated online sources. If you get certified by these authoritative sources, you can showcase your blockchain skills.

Where to Get Blockchain Jobs

As blockchain technology adoption continues to grow, various entities are hiring. Below are common institutions offering blockchain-related jobs.

● Industries: The large companies in finance, retail, accountancy firms, energy, insurance, law firms, and marketing agencies.

● Startups: They entail independent businesses and products created solely on blockchain technology.

● Tech companies: They are at the center of blockchain technology. Notably, if the technology takes off, such companies are bound to benefit the most, and they need all the expertise they can deploy.

● Governments: Various governments have shown the intention to adopt blockchain technology. They are looking for crypto and blockchain experts to advise them on various aspects. Notably, Governments aim to adopt the technology to ease various operations like reducing the red tape involved in accessing various services.


Tips to Prepare for a Blockchain Interview

● Stay updated with your skills

● Have an updated portfolio of your past work

● Understand the company well

● Understand your responsibilities

● Use mock interviews

● Remain calm while answering questions

Blockchain Job FAQs

1. What qualification do I need to become a blockchain developer?

You will need coding skills that can be acquired through university or a boot camp. Since most universities don’t offer blockchain education, you can leverage online platforms.

2. Can I get a blockchain job without a degree?

Yes. Currently, there are very few undergraduate degrees in blockchain development, which means it is not a requirement.


With blockchain technology evolving, careers in the space are also emerging. The technology has been touted as revolutionary, and professionals in the sector will be in high demand. Consequently, the sector has opportunities for technical and non-techie personnel. Therefore, careers in blockchain are worth exploring.

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