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9 Essentials of coworking spaces that you definitely need

Working from home sounds like a great option until you start getting distracted by the baby crying, dog barking, and your neighbor’s rowing. As a result, you might feel less productive and efficient, significantly impacting your work. So, what’s the fix? Consider moving to a coworking office. Coworking spaces are a welcoming alternative to stuffy corporate offices and a fantastic break from your work setup at home.

Working in a coworking space allows you to rent space from as little as a couple of hours to as much as a few weeks, offering you heaps of flexibility. Not just that, coworking spaces provide you with invaluable networking opportunities to expand your circle and meet like-minded professionals.

However, booking a coworking space that doesn’t have basic features like an internet connection or conference room can break your experience. Hence, before booking a coworking space, remember to check whether it has all the essential features. But do you know what features in a coworking space you will need?

Here are some essentials of coworking spaces you’ll need.

1. Conference and Meeting Rooms

Coworking spaces are offices not only for you to work as a freelancer but also to have your business meetings with clients. After all, meeting potential clients in coffee shops might look unprofessional, to say the least. As a result, you need a professional space like a meeting room in your coworking office that leaves your clients and investors with the right impression.

For instance, if you’re residing somewhere in Taiwan, like Taipei, which is a hub of global business activities, look for coworking spaces with meeting rooms in Taipei, helping you look professional. Similarly, you can look for office spaces with meeting rooms if you live in a different country and create a great first impression.

You don’t have to bother about interruptions or disturbances that might delay your discussion. It helps create a more focused environment, boosting overall efficiency and productivity. Besides that, meeting rooms in coworking spaces are equipped with essential audio-visuals for remote sessions, making it beneficial for you.

2. Kitchenette

You might be thinking, why do you need a kitchen at work? Well, nobody can survive a full day at work without refueling themselves, making it essential for you to look for a kitchen area before renting any coworking space. The kitchen area must have a microwave to make it easier to reheat food. Besides that, check whether the kitchen area has utensils like spoons, forks, plates, and glasses.

In addition, renting a coworking space that has a kitchen area might discourage you from unnecessary trips to coffee shops, fostering healthier options. Working in a coworking office with a kitchen allows you to bond over some homemade treats, allowing you to get to know other professionals.

Moreover, the kitchenette will not only be a place to store leftovers but keep your beverages cold in the refrigerator. Additionally, you can look for a coworking office with a kitchen area offering a coffee machine and kettle to keep you energized throughout the day.

3. Secure and Fast Wi-Fi

These days, staying connected to reliable and Hi-speed internet is crucial for you to operate effectively. You’ll need the internet connection to stay connected to the cloud, take conference calls and download data without the fear of a dip. So, ensure the coworking space you’re about to rent offers a good internet connection.

Remember to look for high-speed internet so that no matter how many professionals are logged in to the same network, it works reliably. It is recommended to rent a coworking office with primary and secondary Wi-Fi connections, so you’re never without internet access.

Along with ensuring the coworking space offers a fast internet connection, it should also be secured. Some coworking spaces might have a private network assigned to each suit, while others might depend on an unsecured network. Hence, ensure you understand the implications of using the internet in a coworking office.

Not just that, you should also take the following measures to keep your data protected:

 Install anti-virus software
 Monitor network activity
 Use complex passwords
 Keeping your OS and software updated
 Have double VPNs
 Don’t leave your hardware unattended

4. Furniture Items

The coworking office you’ll rent should have all the must-have furniture items, from adjustable desks to ergonomic chairs. Consider looking for an office space with adjustable height standing desks, allowing you to alter the height to work while standing without changing your position. Not just that, standing desks can help you be more active, promoting good health.

Moreover, your coworking space should also have private desk panels so you can use them when you’re not enjoying the open space idea. In addition, ensure your coworking office offers an ergonomic chair to support your correctly.

5. Parking Space

Looking for parking space while choosing a coworking might seem unnecessary at first but trust us, it's essential. The parking situation should be first on your radar when you’re visiting coworking spaces. Is there a connected parking lot, and does it cost money? Is it big enough that you won't have to look for another parking space frequently?

But do you know why renting a coworking office with parking space is crucial Ensuring you have an available car parking slot prevents you from leaving your work to top up the parking meter in the middle of the meeting. This helps you increase your efficiency and make your life hassle-free.

Moreover, secure parking spaces eliminate the risk of break-ins and unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Safe parking spaces might also give you peace of mind and don’t stress you needlessly, helping you focus on your work better.

6. Recording and Presentation Equipment

Whether you’re a freelancer or a new business owner, presentation and recording items like a projector can be expensive to buy. Even if you own them, such equipment can be cumbersome to transport, making it vital to rent a coworking space that provides you necessary equipment.

Hence, check if your coworking space has:
 Microphones
 Video cameras
 Speakers
 Specialist training
 Studio-recording apps
 Tripods

Not just that, your coworking office should also provide electronic accessories like charging stations and cables to ensure your presentation or recording session goes smoothly. Whether you’re booking the coworking space to record marketing videos or host a business podcast, remember to check if your office space provides essential equipment.

7. Office Hardware

Does your work also include a lot of printing and scanning? Previously you might drive to a nearby shop and get your printer’s ink refilled, interrupting your workday and causing you to be less productive. But now, you don’t have to worry about that. Instead of thinking about managing office supplies yourself, rent a coworking space that provides you with all the hardware you need, from scanning to shredding equipment.

Moreover, look whether your coworking space has essential office hardware supplies like:
 Photocopiers
 Paper shredders
 Staplers
 Scanners
 Business-class printers
 Fax machines

In addition, if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask the front desk and see whether they can allow you to borrow.

8. Relaxing Area

Let’s be honest; where do most of your stress come from? If you think of work, 43% of people agree with you. The fact that you might spend around 60-70% of your life at work or thinking of work doesn’t sound very surprising, right?

What’s surprising is that most office spaces aren’t taking it seriously.

Hence, you need to rent a coworking office that provides you area for relaxation. Relaxing during your workday allows you to reset your mental, emotional, physical, and brain capacity, making it easier for you to get back on track. Not relaxing or taking a break might force you to overburden yourself to total exhaustion, affecting your mental peace.

Remember that a relaxation area doesn’t necessarily have to be a spa room or gaming lounge. It can be as simple as providing a yoga room or nap area, helping you get refreshed and energized.

9. Private Phone Booth

Are you wondering what the use of a phone booth is? Well, you might already know office environment can be quite chaotic. As a result, sometimes it might become hard to hear what the person on the other side of the call is saying with all the background noises. This might not just leave you feeling annoyed but can affect your business relations, making renting a coworking space with private phone booths essential.

Having a phone booth allows you to reduce all sorts of disturbances while conversing with potential investors or business partners. In addition, working in a coworking office with a private phone booth allows you to make confidential business calls or have a private discussion with your team.

Final Thoughts

Coworking offices provide you with opportunities to work at your convenience by
offering all sorts of bells and whistles. However, before renting a coworking space, check whether it has all the essential features you might need. Look at the abovementioned essentials and see which features are your priority, helping you choose the coworking space accordingly.

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