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7Sensors Back With Grow Box To Allow Plants Grow Inside The Homes Easily

Greenery Inside Out!

Grow Healthy Plants with Grow Box

Green plants seem attractive and refreshing to everyone and if this greenery grows inside the house then it is like a cherry on the cake. Planting crops, weeds or any type of plants in the house is easy but maintaining them according to the environmental changes is a daunting task. To avoid the hassle of sustaining plants in unfavorable conditions, the Grow Box from 7Sensors comes in.

What is Grow Box?

Designed by Andrew Pletenetskyy, a former Apple engineer, the Grow Box is around six foot small room like the container that can perform the whole process of growing any type of plant. Moreover, it is the first product by 7Sensors and has been in the developing phase for now. Also, the company has grown a cannabis plant and bell peppers successfully, amid other things.

How Grow Box Works?

The Grow Box is paired with an app so that user can designate the plant type inside, that’s all a user has to do and leave rest to Grow Box. The amazing feature about Grow Box is that it controls environmental factors such as light schedule, temperature, humidity, and air flow. Additionally, the Grow Box is attached with reflectors to make sure that the product is sustainable.

As per the news, 7Sensors claims that Grow Box can grow any plant with the same energy utilization of a single light bulb. Also, developers are very excited to see the reaction of people to their product.

How many people will opt for Grow Box from 7Sensors? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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