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6 eCommerce Trends to Look for in 2021

As you can imagine, eCommerce is becoming more popular than ever since 2020 required us to be in our homes for long periods of time. With many people taking their shopping online, companies are seeing how important it is to stay in touch with trends during this time.

As you consider expanding your store and doing more on the web or social media with your brand, here are some eCommerce trends to look for in 2021:

1. More companies are taking their products online.

With brands spread across several industries taking their products to online shops, you may find that holding back from joining the crowd could hurt your business. Where online retail used to be specialized for only a few industries, eCommerce is changing thanks to customers looking for easier ways of getting what they need. From CBDfx to Home Depot, you can find almost anything you need when looking online.

2. The market is younger nowadays.

No longer is it only millennials shopping online but Gen Z is taking to smartphones to make their purchases. Where this generation used to get out shopping at the mall to get out of the house, they’re adapting to the times and doing their purchasing online. As a brand who may want to target these shoppers, it’s important to know where you’ll find the majority of them: via social media, on apps like Tik Tok and Instagram.

3. Expand your reach.

 This year, brands are learning that to effectively reach their target demographic, they don’t just want their presence seen on only one app or network. Instead, companies are finding that customers enjoy interacting with brands everywhere they enjoy “hanging” out online. So, if you haven’t yet, consider expanding your advertising reach.

4. Better payment options.

If you haven’t noticed yet, consumers nowadays are all about buying their items as quick as possible. After all, we’re busy people these days. Sometimes, people want to buy online but can’t find their card immediately. Having alternatives for payments like Paypal or Apple Pay ensures more sales. Variety matters in eCommerce payments.

5. Know your competitor’s pricing.

Your audience knows the market, maybe even better than you do. With people spending hours online and shopping eCommerce often, they know where to find the best prices. If you’re selling your product at prices that are considerably higher than your competition, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Be aware of what competition is doing online in terms of prices, so you can attract consumers to what you have to offer.

6. Sustainability is trendy.

People care about the environment nowadays (as they should) and it shows in what people want to buy and will not buy. If you want to attract new customers and stay on the cutting edge in your market, it may be time to adopt new practices and concepts that are environment friendly so that you’re not only enhancing your chances at appealing to consumers but also helping the planet. Do your part and go green in the eCommerce space.

In Conclusion

The way of the future in shopping is through a tap or two on our phones. It’s time to get trendy with these eCommerce tips. Be personal, be active, and be aware of your impact on the environment to build an online presence people will want to know more about and do business with. From millennials to Gen Z and even Boomers, there’s a broad range of people waiting to shop online, so if you’re not selling products there yet, it’s time to make it happen.

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