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5 Things All Well-Designed Shopping Malls Have in Common

Shopping malls are very crucial to the success of various brands and chains as they provide a wide range of diverse stores. This is big as, just like the internet, it allows consumers to browse all kinds of products they are interested in. It also provides the opportunity to see and interact with these products in person. In order for shopping malls to maintain continuous financial success, there are some precautions and strategies taken that can benefit the mall. Here are five things all well-designed shopping malls have in common.

A Food Court

Almost any mall you come across will have some sort of space designated to numerous sources for food and beverages. This helps the shopping mall greatly as it increases the time customers spend in the mall, sometimes resulting in more browsing by shoppers. This also offers room for smaller local restaurants to set up shop.

Most local restaurants don’t have many locations, so these restaurants draw in customers that had not been primarily planning to go to the mall but ended up there as a result of wanting a certain local food for breakfast lunch or dinner. The larger the food court is the better, as more options will only bring in more customers. If you’re looking to act on this advice, go visit to look into the building of a shopping mall or any large building.

Parking Lot

A spacious parking lot is very important as the more room for cars to park there is, the more people can be inside the mall at once. Many successful malls have several parking lots placed outside different areas of the mall, or one long parking lot circling the entire mall. This is so people can park closer to their desired destination, thus freeing up more overall space.

It’s also important to note that most malls avoid having too big of a parking lot, as it can make the mall seem smaller in size, and less appealing. Making the parking lot too big can also make it seem as if the mall is deserted or not very good. This impression may turn away customers visiting from out of the area, so many successful malls have figured out the optimal placement and size for their parking lot.

Movie Theaters

Well designed malls incorporate movie theaters into their design as it brings in a plethora of customers not primarily focused on the mall itself, but the movie theatre attached. The reason for this is the hope that these moviegoers will direct their attention to the mall before or after hand for a quick bite or browse around the premises.


Just like movie theaters and small local businesses, restaurants can bring in lots of customers who weren’t looking to go to the mall in the first place. The restaurants may also be the best at diverting customers to the shopping portion of the mall rather than their own establishment. This is most often done when a restaurant is busy and customers are awaiting an open table.

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