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5 Technical mistakes that startups can’t afford to make

Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship? You have a revolutionary idea, to begin with, but HEY, have you ever been in a business before? Those who think starting a business is an easy feat, they either belong to a different world or have never been exposed to the nuance of startups. Everyone looks ahead to entrepreneurs and anticipates non-success from them in the first attempt of establishing business and that could be very hurtful. It is mainly because most of the new small businesses are often launched by people with no business background. You have an exceptional idea to pull off and experience sustainable growth for your business, all you need to do is to employ a few strategies to protect your startup success. The guide to avoiding major technical mistakes will help you understand where other startups went wrong and how you can avoid falling into the pitfalls of wrongdoing in your startup career.

Here are the five common mistakes startups mostly fall victim to and why it is critical to avoid them at any cost.

1. No restoring of backup systems

Every now and then people come across the news of organizational data loss. Primary data failure is so common issue in enterprises that could be the result of data corruption or any malware attack. The saying prevention is better than cure rightly fits in this context. Instead of experiencing a tragic loss of data, it is advisable for all types of businesses to create a backup for operational recovery in the future. It has been witnessed many times that most of the companies do not have any backup plan in place after experiencing a critical failure. It ultimately engenders a loss of revenue and a rise in additional expenditure. The adequacy of establishing a solid backup strategy is primarily important, especially for small businesses because urgent regaining of data will be an unpleasant and exorbitant process for the businesses who have just set their foot in the industry.

2. Not keen on being observant of security

Small business systems are so vulnerable to falling victim to online scams and other malware attacks. If you think you are a startup and no one’s going to prey on your valuable data, you need to give it a second thought. Protecting oneself from cybercrimes, malware and other common security issues become the primary concern and also the biggest challenge for startups. Though people believe that renowned enterprises are more prone to be affected by data security, the truth is no business can be counted safe from security breaches. This is why it is important and always suggested to be alert and keep your company updated regarding business security methods.

3. Not running a bug-testing for the software launch

Everyone makes mistakes in life and that is how we learn. But some mistakes can cost you an arm and a leg. We know that mistakes are something that can easily be avoided if we are extra careful and pay close attention while performing a task. The developers who are working on a particular software may make mistakes while developing a particular solution but that is not a problem, the problem is to not check for any bugs or defects during the development cycle. Since you want your business to evolve constantly, building credibility becomes foremost. Plenty of bugs tracking tools and software are there in the market which is allowing developers and users to identify and report bugging swiftly. But how reliable and effective are they? A company should be mindful of features and results while going for a tool or software. Shake is a bug reporting tool that enables users to report a bug or share feedback at a lightning-fast speed. This tool comes up with an advanced deep search operation and provides a highly comprehensive bug report.

4. Neglecting the use of automation tools

Ever since the businesses have gone on huge digital transformation, there are many automation tools that have been leveraging the businesses with the boosted sales and cost-saving. There is a misconception doing rounds on the internet that automation tools, be it for email marketing or testing, is only for the medium and large enterprises but that is not true. Automation is a transformation that is for everyone. The right use of different automation tools can be advantageous for business in many ways. Apart from improving customer experience, it can help fine-tune marketing and sales. One of the great examples of a tool that tracks interactions and analyzes data of a project in an organization is CRM software.

5. Not paying attention to Hardware requirements

Do you know hardware upgrades are equally important as software upgrades? While many businesses do not consider the installation or up-gradation of hardware important, it eventually results in putting everything that holds significant value for business on a halt until the new upgrade falls into place. If you are getting into the startup business, this is one of the most common technical mistakes that you need to avoid at any cost. It is better for businesses to check with their software publishers to gain an understanding of the minimum system requirement for upgrade installation. When you have to update the system requirements, go for both software as well as hardware installation but after considering the new hardware requirements only.


Though there is a prolonged list of mistakes that technically can be avoided by small businesses or can be considered by budding entrepreneurs before kicking off their new venture. But we think the one we have provided you with will help you in recognizing the mistakes and working on them to a great extent. There is a saying that goes if you learn early, you learn often. Hence, you are now aware of what are the mistakes that other flourishing startups committed which you can easily avoid, the only thing that is left to do is to learn from them.

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