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5 eCommerce Trends to Pay Attention to in 2021

As we do every year, we’re now already headfirst into 2021, which means it’s time to get set up for the year by highlighting what’s going on, what’s big right now, and what we can expect to happen over the next 12 months so we can get ahead in the eCommerce game.

With this in mind, let’s take a dive into the top five eCommerce trends you need to be thinking about this year.

1. More Competitive

Than Ever Yes, we all know that the internet is already a competitive place to sell and work on because you’re literally trying to win traffic and sales against every other business online in the world. It’s a tough place, but as we head into 2021, things are expected to get a lot tougher.

This is due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic where more people than ever before are giving their online business ideas a go since they’ve been stuck at home. To prove this, statistics show that the US experienced ten years’ worth of eCommerce growth in like three months during the peak of lockdown. That’s a lot.

2. Think About Shipping

Nowadays, when people order something, they want it fast, which shows just how important the concept of shipping is. However, while offering the standard fast delivery, slow delivery, and then probably the slower free delivery option, work on getting your prices and your delivery times as efficient as possible, and you’ll attract way more sales, as shown by 2020.

3. It’s All About Brand Experience

These days, if you’re able to give your customers a good experience, this is how you’re going to win the eCommerce game. Around 75% of customers tried new stores in 2020 due to COVID and being, frankly, bored and looking for something new, with around 60% of these customers looking to integrate these new brands into their lives.

However, if you’re not offering a good experience, people will go elsewhere. Even if someone has a bad experience or something goes wrong, being able to make it better quickly will win you brownie points.

4. Universal Checkout Payment Options

These days, you could be selling to anyone, anywhere in the world, and you need to make sure your online store can support this. You need to ensure you’re accepting all payment types possible, including VISA and Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, Amex, and so on. Providing credit options could also be worth thinking about suggests Bullpreneur.

5. Marketplaces Driving Traffic

While you may be thinking that it’s impossible to compete with business marketplaces like Amazon, businesses are getting smart with how they do things. When people search on Amazon, they don’t tend to use a brand name, and so brands are using this to drive traffic to their website to make repeat purchases.


AS you can see, there are a lot of interesting trends to think about when it comes to 2021 and the eCommerce world. Get creative with your ventures, think outside the box, and get ready for what is probably going to be one hell of a year.

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