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5 Actionable Tips for SEO Marketing

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is critical as businesses want tips that turn into actions rather than theories. If you have ever tried to comb through the sites that offer jargon and little else, you know that it is not easy to turn their advice into actions that improve your ranking and increase your traffic. What you need is experts like Triple Agent Digital Media who understand how quickly Google, Yahoo and Bing’s algorithm changes will cause your ranking to dive. Here are five actionable tips that target landing page optimization, backlink building, content marketing and analytics.

1. Use Keywords Strategically Rather Than Exponentially

According to Assignment Geek, having a keyword strategy is vital when you want to increase website traffic and sales. A critical mistake that businesses tend to make is stuffing pages rather optimizing them:

  • To optimize your page, add a keyword in your title tag to identify a topic and improve click-through-rates (CTR); include it in your meta description as it is the snippet of information that searchers see about a page’s content based on the keyword or phrase they used to find information
  • Meta description optimization will help boost on-page SEO which will also grow your traffic and conversion rates
  • Your primary keyword must appear in your page’s URL
  • Add your keyword to at least one header in your content
  • Use a keyword in your ALT text and image title as they diversify your ranking

Always use primary and secondary keywords in your website content and blog as traffic is more likely to visit and click on pages that contain the search data they are looking for; be moderate as it is a ranking factor.

2. Create Long-form Content:

Experts find that long-form content offers more opportunities for backlinks, the natural inclusion of keywords, images, latent semantic indexing (LSI) and shares that adds value for organic ranking.

3. Diversify Your URL Structure:

Searchers want up-to-date information which is why the publish date is a critical element to consider when you recycle content. You must diversify your URL date structure to show the edit date rather than the original publishing date as Google will analyze it and improve organic search results since it appears as updated information. Remember to use a redirect plug-in to reroute traffic to the new URL as the old link will be broken.

4. Modify Your Titles:

Using modifiers will boost your SEO as well as increase website traffic. Would you rather look for cookware or the best cookware? Using this tool to modify your keyword in the title will advance your ranking for long tail SEO. Popular modifiers include words like best, cheap, guide, review and buy which consumers use to narrow searches.

5. Use a Variety of Anchor Texts:

Google’s Penguin algorithm update spotlighted how many unscrupulous sites were keyword stuffing the same keyword which now makes websites appear spammy. Use a variety of anchor texts like exact match, partial, naked, long tail and branded.

There are more ways to make your site SEO-friendly. It is all a matter of taking these actionable tips and using them strategically to boost your ranking, increase your traffic and convert sales.

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