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3D Technology Start-Ups Reimagining The Future In The Developing World

3D technology are revolutionizing the way of technology and taking science to new level. They are almost used in most of the industrial sector like movies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, bio-metrics etc. Here are few start-ups which are making progress in 3D technology.

Aspect Bio systems

It is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3D bio-printing and tissue engineering. They are a multi-talented team of individuals to develop cutting-edge custom human tissue technology for use in the life sciences. They use “Lab-on-a-printer” platform to create living tissue.


AltspaceVR is a virtual reality software company providing fun way for people to be together when they are not in the same physical space. It is being used by around customers in 150 countries to share a variety of experiences and interact online. The 2013 start-up commands the investment from the most respectable VC firms. A fun-interactive website and custom experience suites make 3D very less intimidating even to non-serious users.


TeliportMe is a technology company that builds products that help inspire and connect people to the world and each other. Their site sports a base of 7Million explorers who have captured and shared 360 degree immersive panoramic content in over 120 countries including the world’s remote places like Antarctica, the Arctic region, the Amazon jungle and Iceland.


They claim to have the world’s first true virtual reality camera. It helps capture 3D videos from your perspective. One button for everything, one central control for image capture, video capture, and setting manipulation, and all this fits into your pocket or can be mounted anywhere.


It is 3D tech hardware manufacturer. Its flagship product is Daqri smart helmet with gives contextual content to the wearer. It helps workers by making relevant information available right in a head mounted display. Thus there is no distraction for finding documents. They have other similar hardware for firms to implement 3d technologies in their industries. By integrating smoothly with your team, tools, processes and culture, together they can make meaningful change.

What do you think about 3D technology and how they are developing the future world? Do share your thoughts in our comment section below.

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