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3 Online Photo Editing Tricks for Beginners

There are 1.72 trillion photos taken every year in the world. And a lot of this surplus of photos has to do with how easy it is to take them now that smartphones go with you everywhere. However, quantity does not equal quality, but rather the opposite usually.

If you want to increase the quality of your photos then all you need is some simple editing tools.

Read on for the top 3 photo editing tricks.

1. Changing the Background

Sometimes you may take a photo and only focus on the subject while forgetting about the background. Instead of trying to recapture that same image with a better background, you could edit it.

Use an image editor to remove background from an image, adjust the tone of the background, crop out certain sections, or replace it with another image or solid color.

Look for a photo editor that gives you several options like making the background transparent so it can be superimposed onto another background. Some image editing tools only allow you to replace the background with a stock graphic or standard color.

2. Straightening and Cropping Photos

One of the easiest ways to edit online images is to adjust the horizon. When you take the photo it may look like the image is perfectly horizontal but when you put it on your computer to edit you might notice that it slants. This can make your image look odd, especially when your focal point is set against a landscape.

Other times your photo shows too much. Cropping your image makes a huge difference by eliminating unnecessary space and unusual objects. Use this tool to bring attention to contrasting parts of your image to make the whole photo stand out.

3. Adjusting the Contrast Before and After Capturing

If you know how to use your camera’s exposure adjustments then setting the tone of your image before photo editing helps. However, this is not necessary when most photos are digital now. You can change the contrast after you take your shot to enhance the image.

Making the contrast balanced when editing online photos makes them more appealing. It can bring the eye toward the front while creating shadows in the background. Or it can enhance the background, making long-distance images more clear.

Use a photo histogram to measure the tones of each section of your photo during or after your capture. This tool shows the range of dark and light spots so then you can adjust them accordingly.

Learning New Photo Editing Tricks

These photo editing tricks are just the beginning of what you can do to enhance your photos. Start with these simple tools then gradually learn new ones to further improve your skills. Soon your photos will look professional, and you will not need to take several shots of the same image trying to get it right.

Visit our Technology section to learn more about photo editing, apps, and software.



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