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12 Startups selected In 8th Batch of Microsoft Ventures


12 Startups are selected for Microsoft Venture’s 8th batch. Read more below.

Microsoft Ventures provides global platform for startups around the world. The company aim in building up new ventures through the platform. Recently Microsoft announced 12 startups that will be the part of 8th Batch belonging to Hi-Po and Scale Up Program. There were in total twenty one hundred applications among which these 12 startups were selected.

Microsoft Venture team is not working on making up this program a lot more effective not just limited to fund raising. Rather providing the company a better grip over strategies that will empower them. In total the startups were able to raise around $18mn in the funding. Below is the list of those 12 startups that were able to make their way to the 8th Batch of Microsoft Ventures.

  1. Admission Table –
  2. Altizon –
  3. Aureus Analytics –
  4. BabyChakra
  5. Bizom
  6. io
  7. Locus
  8. Report Bee
  9. Reverie
  10. Strides
  11. Tarnea
  12. Yellow Messenger

The startup’s above offer different valuable services to the customers. For example Admission Table. IT is an online platform for those who are looking for information on overseas study.  It provides details regarding finance, scholarship, tutor, and many more queries. Real time counseling help you to remain updated for various entrance test. There are also experts who belong to reputed university acting as counselor. Admission Table offer information on more than 1000+ universities. The startup also aim in offering a stable process to apply for admission. Aureus is a data analysis startup that builds OnASAP an analytic tool used in many banking and airline sectors.


  • Microsoft Venture is a global platform that empowers entrepreneurship.
  • 12 Startups are selected in the 8th Batch that belongs to Hi-Po and Scale Up program.

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