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12 Karnataka-Based Startups Receives Rs. 3.18 Crore From State Government

In a recent intiative by Karnataka government, 12 Startups from the fields such as agriculture, biotech, security, communications, robotics has received up to Rs.50 lakhs each, i.e. sum total of Rs. 3.18 Crore has been granted to these budding companies. The Karnataka Startup cell, Department of IT, implemented a scheme Idea2PoC (Idea to Proof of Concept)In 2015, which is the part of the first multi-sector Startup Policy and KBITS is taking active participation to see policy into fruition. The Primary goal of the policy is to discover and encourage the brilliant Pioneers of the state, who needs initial Funding to market their invention, resource planning & researches, etc.

Priyank Kharge, the Minister for IT & BT (Bio Technology) stated that, it is their responsibility to discoveras the state is full of youngsters with talented and brilliant individuals which are to be recognized. In order to create potentiality and uniqueness, these 12 Startups chosen.

Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary Department of IT, BT (Bio Technology) and Science and Technology believe that, in the fields of agriculture, biotech, security, communications, robotics, and gaming, the startups are rapidly blooming up. Their vision is promoting and mentoring those Startups as well as providing all the guidance that is required for them to become self-sufficient.

Salma K Fahim, the Managing Director, KBITS, also believes  the startup with latest and rising technologies like animation, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, etc., which can resolve most enduring issues are targeted by the Government and are provided with numerous chances for job andaided in the program called “Make In India”.

What is your opinion in Karnataka’s Policy of assisting the Startups with the Initial Funding? Will it give more confidence for youngsters to emerge up with more innovative ideas?

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