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10 Things Every Startup Enthusiast Goes Through To Achieve The Big Indian Dream

With over $5 billion worth investment in 2015 and 4200 startups, let us tell you that India ranks third globally in the number of startups. The startup bug has caught Indian youth in a big way. And, if you are one of the startup enthusiasts raring to taste a slice of the big India startup story pie, here’s what you might be experiencing:

Small ideas, big challenges

The challenges facing a nation with a billion people are tremendous in size, number, and variety. But one brilliant idea might actually reach and change the lives of many.simple-ideas

Bidding your time

That idea you imagined while sleepwalking to the fridge at midnight could turn out to be a gold mine. And while you go about your mundane life, that idea is always at the back of your mind. You are just waiting for the right time!right-time

The A-Team

You have already assembled your dream team with your buddies or co-workers. Who’s going to handle the finances, who will make the pitch, and who will make the endless cups of tea at the office; you have already assigned all the

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The “kick”

You get a “kick” from solving problems. You are inspired by the urge to tackle some big issue that pesters Indian population; through providing financial and educational services in rural areas to finding innovative solutions for core engineering industries. There is a rush of endorphins, the thrill of the challenge and the chase of bringing your idea into the world and overcoming hurdles.kick

Creativity at work

You can think of nothing else except your idea while you are at your current job. And devise of new ways to improve your efficiency – gives you more time to ponder on your brilliant idea, you see!creative-ways

Chatting it up

All you and your friends can do is chat about startups and current trends. You keep up with all new startups and analyze how they perform, all while sitting in your regular tea shop with friends.startup-trends

When analysis isn’t paralysis

You come up with a bevy of ideas and post-mortem each one to see if they might have real-world potential.every-new-idea

Food for thought

Every time you order food online, you end up sighing at the way food tech startups in India work. If only they could come to you, after all, you have a solution for them!food-startups

Changing idols

You worship people like Travis Kalanick and Elon Musk, rather than some airhead Bollywood celebrities.changing-idols

The pitch!

You are prepared with your elevator pitch. And do not miss a single opportunity to pitch it to the people with money!pitch

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