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Startup creates a technique to control computer with eyes

What Eyes Can Really Do?

A Silicon Valley-based startup, Eyefluence has shaped the eye tracking system to control computer screens with eyes, through an innovative technique with virtual reality and augmented reality.

Taking technology at a different level and keeping their eyes on the horizon and emphasis on hands-free navigation, Eyefluence has given an entirely different meaning to the connection between human and technology. With a vision to take hands-free navigation at a different level, Eyefluence would control computer screen with the movement of the eyes of the user.

According to the report by Techcrunch, while testing different prototypes Eyefluence is using augmented reality glasses with cameras to monitor what you are looking at.

Eyefluence claim that the Eyefluence iUi is the world’s first user interface to combine biology and technology with an understanding of the eye-brain connection.

How the technology works?

This technology will change the manner we work and will facilitate users to do everything, which presently is done with fingers, through their eyes and too with much ease and faster.

In a conversation with VentureBeat, David Stiehr, the vice president of marketing at Eyefluence, has talked about the biology and the technology.

Something more on technology

With the passion to create the best possible experience in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality and the challenges of human- computer interaction, this technology works without winking and without waiting.

How well this technology will do in India?


  • Silicon Valley-based startup, Eyefluence has established a technique to control computer screen with eyes.
  • The team has used the augmented reality glasses with cameras.
  • Assessing computer with eyes will be faster and easier than working with fingers.

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